The logo for Grim Pickings.

Grim Pickings is a physical card game about digging up body parts and becoming the best abomination you can become in an attempt to beat your opponent in physical combat. I created the initial concept and worked on the gameplay and story. It debuted at PopCon 2022 in Indianapolis. Click here to check out the Twitter page!

An angel and a demon look at each other playfully on the left, while a seer expresses exasperation on the right.

Noun Studios’ prototype digital card game and my brainchild, Purgatory: Vices & Virtues is something I’m really proud of. In it, you’ve ended up in Purgatory and need to get out. Where you end up doesn’t matter, so choose Heaven or Hell and make sure you get there before your opponent. I designed the basic mechanics and most of the cards. Click here to play the prototype!

A first person view of a group of floating platforms. The view is holding a sword.

Dashblade is a simple multiplayer game that I created to see what I could do on my own. You jump around an arena of floating platforms and attempt to kill each other. First to 10 kills wins. Click here to play it!

Zomb-I by Jacob Shirley

Zomb-I is a text-based adventure game demo that I created. In it, you wake up in a bunker with no memories, solving puzzles to escape. My plans for the full game include an open world and the ability to blend in among both humans and zombies. Click here to play the demo!

Several views of a friendly humanoid shadow creature with a smile on its face.

Bright Shadows is a platformer I made while working as a designer with a group of game developers about a shadow who is curious about light, searching a forest for glowing pixies to satisfy their own curiosity. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to develop it nearly as much as we wanted, and so it is rather basic. I helped to design the base mechanics and story. Click here to play it!