Classification: 	Plant
Diet:			Meat, minerals
Lifespan:		Currently thought to be unlimited

	The Godhand is a carnivorous plant that is, on average, ten meters in height when measured from base to the top of the flower. The flower of the plant is, on average, four meters in diameter. The flower of the Godhand has 5 large, flat petals and an orb of digestive liquid located in the center. The base of the plant has a ring of sensory organs that detect vibrations in the cavern with an incredibly high level of accuracy. Godhands grow in the walls and ceilings of the crystal-rich caverns located in the Gemallum region. Godhands are coated in a layer of protective armor formed from minerals absorbed from the walls of the cavern. This substance is lightweight, flexible, and durable, and is harvested for use in the construction of armor. 
	Godhands are effectively floral ambush predators, feeding off any unfortunate prey that get too close. When dormant, they will keep most of their body retracted into the cavern walls. When they sense the vibrations of potential prey, they will ready themselves to strike, waiting until the source of the vibrations gets close enough to guarantee a meal. Once the victim gets close enough, the Godhand will lunge its flower at the target, trapping them between the petals and filling the newly created chamber with digestive enzymes. These enzymes are both a powerful acid and a powerful anesthetic, almost instantly causing the victim to fall unconscious and making getting trapped by one an almost sure death. The strength of the acid is able to break down nearly any known material. Because of this, no bodies or belongings are known to have been recovered from successful Godhand attacks.
	Godhands reproduce during the wet season when the cavern walls are at their weakest due to the region’s acid rain. They will release pollen from the ends of their petals, receiving pollen from other Godhands at the same structures. Once a specimen is fertilized, it will generate and release a cluster of seeds. These seeds are coated in the same acid that the Godhand uses to digest its prey, allowing them to embed themselves in the already weakened cavern walls..
	Early civilizations located in the Gemallum region believed that Godhands were literally the hands of the gods, reaching down to collect those who were worthy enough to enter the heavens. This resulted in the funeral practice of feeding Godhands the corpses of those who were considered to be honorable and in life and worthy of such treatment. In the past, only monarchs and those the current monarch deemed worthy enough were allowed this funeral rite, but in modern times it is the most common practice in the region.
	If you need to navigate a cavern inhabited by Godhands, it is recommended to keep an eye out and make sure not to get too close to them. It is also recommended to move slowly and quietly in order to not trigger any Godhands that you might have missed. However, this method is not foolproof, given how sensitive Godhands are. An alternative strategy is to set up something loud and disruptive, such as a drill, in order to mask your own vibrations. This method is more likely to succeed, but can also destabilize the cave or attract other creatures that might be hostile.