Excerpt from bloodstained journal; author unknown.

Categories: Hostile

	Inkblots are hostile creatures that roam the darker areas of this accursed place. They have large, cylindrical bodies, with six large tentacle-like legs ending in sharp talons. Their back is covered in white eyes, and they have giant gaping maw filled with sharp teeth. Their bodies seem to be made out of some strange liquid, with the exception of their claws, teeth, and eyes. They range in size anywhere between that of a car and that of a schoolbus.
	They stalk through caves and under trees foliage tree-like things searching for prey. When they spot anything living animate they will charge at it and attempt to rip it to shreds with their claws and teeth. If the prey creature manages to evade the Inkblot’s attacks, it will spew the liquid that makes up its body at the prey from its mouth. This liquid has corrosive properties, quickly dissolving the flesh of its prey. However, it doesn’t seem to affect humans. I guess it just never evolved to hunt anything from Earth. It hurts like hell if you get it in your eyes though, but if you wash it out in time it doesn’t seem to have permanent effects. DON’T GET IT IN YOUR EYES.
	Inkblots seem to take the liquid that they spew from their bodies, as they shrink each time they do it. If they do it for too long without reabsorbing the material, they seem to reach a threshold where they aren’t able to lose anymore, even though there’s clearly plenty left in their body. I’m not sure if it’s a physical thing or a psychological thing. When this happens they tend to run off, presumably to “recharge” or find an easier meal.
	Inkblots seem to be able to die, but I don’t know how you would go about killing one. Your best bet is to hide from it. If you’re spotted and you’re the agile type, try to avoid its attacks until it spews enough that it runs off. Otherwise… run or pray.
	If you find a Inkblot corpse (which will look like a big pile of lack goo), you might be able to salvage some of its teeth or claws. They’re really durable and sharp, making them good for making weapons and tools. In addition, the goo itself can be used against other hostile creatures if you can collect some. The eyes are edible, and are one of the more palatable and less harmful foods you can find here; the blindness they cause only lasts for about an hour.