Genetic Development Report: Rainboa
Date: 2/4/2111

	Our department has recently created a new life form that we think is going to be a smash hit. We call it the Rainboa. It’s a serpentine organism approximately 2 meters in length, with long, soft, reflective, iridescent scales. The face of the creature has a single black eye and a small mouth, and can be hidden via movement of facial scales. 
	The scales of the Rainboa are the main selling point and took quite a while to perfect. They’re beautifully iridescent without being blinding to the eyes, and are soft enough to almost feel like fur or silk.
	Rainboas are unable to consume anything that does not contain our patented VitaLife compound. This means that consumers will have to buy food directly from us for their Rainboas. In addition, we’ve developed a special blend of chemicals we call Love Pills. When you feed one to a Rainboa, it will bond with the next human it sees. This can be repeated any number of times, resetting the Rainboa’s bond target each time. These Love Pills should be able to be used for future products as well, and are completely human safe.
	When active Rainboas are incredibly docile and loving, preferring to be in close contact with their bonded owner. This allows the owner to easily wear their Rainboa like a feather boa, hence the name. When not in contact with a living thing, their metabolism slows down and they enter a pseudo-hibernation state. This frees the consumer from having to take care of the Rainboa when not using it, allowing them to shove it in a closet and forget about it for up to 10 years without worry. 
	Rainboas are, as standard, completely sterile and infertile. The only way for a new Rainboa to be created is from a Rainboa hive, which produces eggs as is standard for these products.
	Rainboas are genetically ready and complete, and can be sold at any time as soon as the other departments (marketing and packaging) are ready.

Product Recall: Rainboa
	FutureLife Incorporated is issuing a recall on all Rainboa products. Rainboas are meant to go into a low-metabolic activity state when left alone, comparable to hibernation. However, an unknown genetic defect has caused an unknown number of Rainboas to cease activity altogether instead of entering this state, causing death and rapid decay. Any consumers who have purchased a Rainboa may return them for a full refund. 

Product Recall: Love Pill
	The United Planetary Government is issuing a force recall on all FutureLife brand Love Pills. These products are meant to be used with the Rainboa product, but have been determined to act as a potent and dangerous drug under the right circumstances. All citizens who are in possession of Love Pills are instructed to turn them in to the nearest Public Safety Office. Failure to do so will result in criminal punishment.