Dimension Log JSD-01
	Dimension JSD-01, colloquially known as the Gravity Void, is a Void-Type dimension accessible via standard trans-dimensional portals. Dimension JSD-01 features an infinite expanse of space filled with an atmosphere composed primarily of nitrogen, with trace amounts of methane. Several rocky planetoids ranging in diameter from a few meters to several kilometers are spread throughout the dimension. However, Dimension JSD-01 does not appear to have gravity, and it is unknown how these planetoids were or are formed. Research into this dimension is currently ongoing.

Species Log EB-02
	Species EB-02, colloquially known as the Segmented Flier, is an aerial creature that resides in Dimension JSD-01. They are on average one meter in size when measured from tail to head. Their body is composed of six primary segments: one head segment, two torso segments, two wing segments, and one tail segment. In addition, Species EB-02 has several smaller segments that reside between the head segment, the front torso segment, and the back torso segment. These smaller segments are also found in a ring around the tail segment. These body segments are not physically connected. Instead, they are held in place by an as of yet unknown force superficially similar to magnetism. However, magnetism has been ruled out as a potential explanation. These segments can be moved up to two meters away from each other. Any attempt to move them beyond this limit, either by the subject itself or external forces, will result in seemingly unlimited resistance. This phenomenon is currently being studied.
	The head of Species EB-02 is covered in a layer of fluid that seems to be produced through an unknown biological process. This fluid is incredibly sensitive to vibrations in the air, and can be observed to ripple in the presence of loud sounds. This property allows the fluid to act as a sensory organ, allowing Species EB-02 to sense the world around it.
	Species EB-02 is capable of generating propulsion and lift through what is thought to be the same mechanism that holds its body together. Unlike most winged creatures, the wings of Species EB-02 are not used for lift, due to the lack of gravity in Dimension JSD-01. Instead, they are used in conjunction with the tail in order to steer and navigate. The extra flexibility afforded by the lack of physical connections combined with the lack of gravity in its native dimension makes Species EB-02 an incredibly acrobatic flier.
	In addition to being used for steering, the wings and tail of Species EB-02 each end in a set of three sharp claws, which it uses to hunt and to protect itself from predators. It does this by flying next to their target and slashing at them before flying away again. It will then repeat this hit and run tactic until the target is neutralized.
	The head of Species EB-02 ends in a sharp proboscis which it uses to pierce the bodies of dead prey. It will then inject the body with a powerful acid in order to liquify the insides, before ingesting the resulting liquid through the same opening. Due to this feeding behavior it is common to find empty sacks of skin floating through the Dimension JSD-01. It is unknown how the nutrients from this method of feeding are distributed to the other body segments.
	Species EB-02 are not thought to have biological sexes, and it is currently unknown how they reproduce. Infantile specimens have yet to be observed, and it is theorized that the species might have a distinctive larval form. A dissenting theory is that Species EB-02 are somehow spawned fully formed. This idea is somewhat supported by the fact that no instance of Species EB-02 has been observed to age in any way.