Excerpt from the Royal Bestiary

Sundrop Tree
Classification: 	Plant
Diet:			Special
Lifespan:		Currently thought to be unlimited

	The Sundrop Tree is a special type of plant that grows in the savannahs of Telenva. They have wide trunks that taper off towards the top, before expanding out in a hollow funnel shape. At the mouth of the funnel resides a floating “lens” that captures light in a most literal sense. Beneath the ground, Sundrop Trees have extensive root systems that can spread for miles both vertically and horizontally. Sundrop Trees are, on average, 15 meters tall.
	Rather than absorbing sunlight directly through photosynthesis like most plants, Sundrop Trees use the lens-like structure in order to transform sunlight into a golden glowing liquid called Sundrop Nectar. This nectar then falls down into the funnel where it enters the tree’s trunk, where it is able to be digested and used for fuel.
	Sundrop Nectar is incredibly nutritious, in addition to having healing and anti-umbral properties. Due to this, the substance is highly sought after by those hoping to make use of its valuable qualities, as well as those hoping to sell it and make use of its value. 
	Unfortunately, Sundrop Trees are currently considered to be impossible to farm or otherwise grow domestically. In addition to the difficulties that come with the plant’s extensive root system, incredibly specific growing conditions, and theorized long maturation period, Sundrop Tree seeds have never been found, and there is no known way for them to reproduce or be propagated.
	Because of their rarity, lack of known forms of reproduction, and incredible usefulness, all known Sundrop Trees are considered royal property. The locations of these trees are kept secret and are highly guarded in order to prevent accidental overharvesting of the Sundrop Nectar. Efforts are being made to discover or invent a way to propagate Sundrop trees, but have so far been unsuccessful.