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Culture Log HDR-56521
Relevant Species: GHJDN-465367853-S (Vleminiccium)


	Vleminiccia have a strong sense of community, and view the concept of leaving even one person behind or forgotten as abhorrent and unacceptable. This has resulted in a neo-communist society and government.
	Vleminiccia tend to be agoraphobic, preferring to keep to relatively confined spaces. This is so that they are able to keep their movement options open, due to their omni-surface mobility. However, in areas with weaker gravity than they are evolved for, this inverts and they become claustrophobic. This is due to the fact that Vleminiccia tend to heavily enjoy being able to utilize the “superpowers” that they get from lower gravity, similarly to how humans created various sports such as Boulderball upon gaining access to anti-gravity technology.


	Due to the communal nature of Vleminiccium colonies, solo sports are absent in Vlemian culture. That being said, some games from other cultures and planets have been modified to replace individual competitors with Vleminiccium colonies.
	There are several traditional Vlemian form of recreation. One of the popular is that of the “Crevice Race.” A Crevice Race is a team sport that consists of two or more colonies of Vleminiccia competing to be the first of the competitor colonies to reach the goal. The “racetracks” consist of thin, branching crevices carved into the rock of Vlemos. Competing colonies will race through the cracks in a test of their speed, cooperation, and skills in navigation.
	With the ongoing integration of Vlemos into the Interplanetary Alliance, several new forms of recreation have begun to rise in popularity among Vleminiccia. In particular, the introduction of anti-gravity generators has led to modified versions of particularly active sports such as Earthen Football or Grexite Var’hishhh becoming increasingly popular among Vleminiccia.
	Vleminiccium colonies are often observed seemingly doing nothing, simply “sitting” in one place without apparent activity. Generally, this is not a period of inactivity as it appears, but a period of intra-colony communication, as the individual Vleminiccia that make up the colony socialize with each other.

	Vleminiccia do not celebrate any holidays, and generally do not understand the idea of why a society would do such a thing. Anniversaries are similarly a foreign concept to Vleminiccia.


	The biggest taboo that exists in Vlemian society is that of internal anatomy. Vleminiccia are incredibly opposed to any dissections or explorations of internal anatomy or the discussions of such activities. This includes both invasive procedures such as surgical exploration as well as non-invasive procedures such as X-ray examinations (or, in the case of Vleminiccia, viewing under a microscope).
	While Vleminiccia are willing to accept that other species perform such acts upon themselves, they have completely and utterly shut down any and all attempts to either discuss or perform such procedures in regards to them, as well as the domesticated Lutumiccia. Bodily products such as mucus or cytoplasm, however, do not have this taboo attached to them. 
	Beyond this, Vlemian society does not seem to have any notable taboos beyond those that are found in the majority of sapient species (for example: cannibalism, mind alteration, and sadism). 

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Technology Log LVRI-9546519575
Relevant Species: GHJDN-465367853-S (Vleminiccium)


	Due to their microscopic size, Vleminiccia are the leading pioneers in the field of nanotechnology. Some of the advancements that Vleminiccia have either developed or had a part in developing include the following:
	Hyper-efficient data storage
	Hyper-efficient data transfer
	Nanobot-assisted medical technology
	More effective and efficient nanomaterials
	More efficient aerogel production
	Nanobot-fueled shape shifting materials
	More effective microscopes for use on inorganic matter


	Vleminiccia are not particularly advanced in the field of chemistry. However, their cytoplasm has been reverse engineered to create more efficient electric conductors and antibacterial cleaning agents.


	Using the domesticated Lutumiccia, Vleminiccia have been able to easily carve and shape the crust of their planet to suit their needs. Rather than building structures, Vleminiccia will carve out new rooms and passages into rock. These rooms and passages tend to be quite narrow in order to allow Vleminiccium colonies to more effectively navigate through them due to their ability to stick to walls. This makes the majority of Vlemian structures inaccessible to other forms of known sapient life.
	With the introduction of anti-gravity generators, wide open spaces have become more popular on Vlemos in order to allow colonies of Vleminiccia to make effective use of their new agility in lower gravity. This increased demand for excavation has resulted in an overabundance of the Lutumiccia that are used for terraforming. To combat this, Vleminiccia themselves have begun to increase in population in order to make sure that the Lutumiccia do not go without companionship. The long term effects of the population increase are unknown, but predicted to be negligible compared to the usual population increase that is associated with a species’s introduction into the galactic stage.

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Subject:	Vleminiccium anatomy

	You don’t know me, but I just did the galaxy a massive [PROFANITY REDACTED] favor. I did what no one else was brave enough to do: I took colonies of Vleminiccia and studied their internal anatomy. You might say that this is a sapient rights violation; I say that science cannot wait for cultures to catch up. The gathering of information and the advancement of science are always more important than a few hurt feelings.
	I’m going to give you a chance to clean this data up and post it to your database. You know, make it more digestible for the weak willed citizens of the galaxy. If you don’t post this information on the public database within the next 3 standard cycles, it WILL be posted publicly in its raw form.

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Vleminiccium Research Log 1
	I’ve just captured my first specimen- or should I say set of specimens, for my latest research. One good thing about these Vleminiccia is that they’re incredibly easy to store. I don’t need special holding cells or anything, just standard bacteria tanks. I can’t wait to find out what secrets these things are hiding…

Vleminiccium Research Log 2
	This is incredibly interesting… I’ve taken a cursory look at their cellular anatomy using a simple microscope. Some things are adding up, I’m seeing organelles that look like they correspond to electricity, intelligence, digestion, etc. But it’s not enough, there’s not enough space or power for the level of behavioral complexity that these things seem to show. 
If they were macro-organisms I would simply dissect them. The thing is, with the current resources I have (or lack thereof) I can’t dissect them without utterly destroying them, which defeats the entire purpose of dissection. Figuring these things out should be fun, I do so love a good puzzle.

Vleminiccium Research Log 3
	I’ve taken a small break from examining the anatomy of Vleminiccia in order to conduct some behavioral tests. They seem to become less intelligent when isolated from each other. Perhaps their communicatory cytoplasm allows them to somehow offload more basic processes to the group, allowing each member more processing power. This helps to explain how they can be so intelligent despite their microscopic brains, but it still doesn’t seem like it should be enough. More research is required…

Vleminiccium Research Log 4
	OF COURSE! I don’t know how I didn’t put things together! My equipment has been suffering from glitches ever since I started this project, and that’s the key! I thought it was just because it was old and decrepit, but that’s what holds the secret! 
	My equipment’s quantum shielding is broken, but I didn’t think that would be an issue. After all, I’m studying bacteria, not wormholes. But the bacteria have wormholes inside of them! They seem to have some kind of connection to an extradimensional field or plane, and my hypothesis is that their anatomy extends into this other realm. This would explain how they’re able to function at such a high level. But the energy requirements for such a thing to function… One mystery solved, another unearthed.
	As a side note, I must say how pleasant it is to work with specimens that aren’t able to scream. So much easier to keep my operation hidden, and much less distracting. It lets me focus on what is important.

Vleminiccium Research Log 5
	I’ve done it, I’ve mapped out the anatomy of the Vleminiccium, at least to the extent that I am likely to be able to with my current lack of resources. Vleminiccia have a central organelle that acts as a brain/nucleus and controls everything. Around that are four “quantum organs” that seem to allow for the previously described effect to work. Around this are various miscellaneous organelles that function much like the organs of macroorganisms. For example, an organelle that acts as a stomach. These miscellaneous organelles are, in general, of little academic interest. Just at the edge of the cell lay a series of small organelles that emit and receive the electrochemical signals that these things use to communicate. The Vleminiccium is also covered in hair-like appendages that it uses to “swim” through the shared cytoplasm that makes up Vleminiccium colonies.

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News Article					| Publisher		| Date
Genocidal Maniac Reveals Vlemian Anatomy	| Vlemian Daily		| 4302679.25
Outcry from Vlemos over Criminal Scientist	| Galactic Gazette	| 4302679.13
Disappearances Result of Kidnapping Scientist	| Planetary Periodical	| 4302679.01
Vlemian Government Pulls out of Integration	| Terran Times		| 4302678.99
Galezzium Shipments Stolen by Pirates		| Planetary Periodical	| 4302678.91
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Vlemian Government Pulls out of Integration
Publisher:	Terran Times
Date:		4302678.99

	Following the recent anonymous posting of illegal experiments performed on Vleminiccia, the government of Vlemos has halted all processes of integration into the Interplanetary Alliance, and is planning on returning to a state of isolation. A Vlemian ambassadorial colony had the following to say:
	“This is beyond unacceptable. There is no excuse for this to have happened. We knew something was happening to our citizens, and we were brushed off as being unimportant. We will not stand for this, and we will not align ourselves with those who view us as less than simply due to our size.” 
	The Interplanetary Alliance has issued a public apology for not apprehending the individual responsible for this crime sooner and has mobilized a specialized task force consisting of over 1,000,000 elite troops with the goal of hunting down and capturing the criminal. They have also reached out to the Vlemian government, hoping to reconcile and offer some kind of recompense. The Vlemian government has not responded to any requests for comments on the matter.

Genocidal Maniac Reveals Vlemian Anatomy
Publisher:	Vlemian Daily
Date:		4302679.25

	The darkest of days is upon us. The greatest of secrets, our sacred anatomy, has been revealed to the galaxy. A so-called “scientist” has stolen our people to perform horrific experiments and examinations upon them, and has revealed the results publicly. This was effectively allowed to happen by the Interplanetary Alliance, who downplayed our concerns and did nothing to help us in our time of need. They are just as responsible as the monster who performed the act. 
	And so, we are leaving. We are returning to a state of isolation, though this time out of choice rather than ignorance of the universe around us. It is better for us to live without the comforts of alien technology than it is to live with our most sacred rights being violated without concern.
	They will try to lure us back, to calm our fury with false promises of recompense. They have proven that they are not to be trusted. Even if we were to foolishly place our trust in them a second time, nothing will ever be able to make this right.