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Species Log EHDSLB-16488
Common Name:	Void Wraith
Home Planet:	N/A
Habitat:	Space
Classification: Unknown
Diet:		Unknown
Lifespan:	Unknown

	Species EHDSLB-16488, colloquially known as the Void Wraith, is a type of spacefaring creature of unknown origin and classification that resides near the center of the galaxy. They resemble humanoid figures wearing tattered cloaks that hide their features. They possess two arms with two fingers on each one, and a gaping maw lined with sharp teeth exists where a human’s face would be. Void Wraiths have not been observed to use their arms or their mouths, and it is unknown what function they serve, if any.
	Void Wraiths are surrounded by a “bubble” of a currently unknown type of energy. Any matter that enters this energy field will quickly disintegrate into nothingness. It is theorized that this is how Void Wraiths feed, but this is heavily disputed, given how many times they will leave corpses floating in space without destroying them.
	Void Wraiths present considerable danger to any ship traveling near the center of the galaxy, due to their destructive properties and hostile demeanors. Whenever a Void Wraith spots a ship that contains any non-microbial life forms, it will approach the vessel at high speeds. The Void Wraith will then proceed to use its energy field in order to board the ship, where it will proceed to hunt and kill all life it can find. It is not known if this is a form of feeding or if it is a territorial behavior. There has not been any recorded encounter that did not result in the death of all complex life aboard the ship.
	Because of the danger Void Wraiths present, manned vessels are forbidden to pass through the center of the galaxy. Luckily, AI-operated ships do not trigger the same aggressive response, and can be used for services such as delivery of goods without having to make detours around Void Wraith territory. In addition, Void Wraiths have not been observed to exit a certain radius of the center of the galaxy, leaving galactic society as a whole safe.